Hi, welcome to my page. I live in Bangkok, Thailand and work in telecommunication/IT industry. I began the idea of blogging around the beginning of 2006 after listening to many podcasts like twit, inside the net, security now where I learnt how powerful blogging and podcasting can be. The idea of blogging was a click to me since I’ve always wanted to make notes of many useful things or topics in my work and life. Escpecially in my work, telecommunication and IT, which have now gone through many changes and developments. I am actually having a good time catching these waves. Hence the name “greatnote.com” which is a big note of everything. I also decided to write my blog in Thai since there are still very few indepth blogs about telecom/IT technology in Thailand where I want to contribute building up. Plus my target reader will be Thai people anyway. I plan to blog in a tutorial style based on useful ideas or readings I find. This will be helpful to me later on, I’m sure.

Finally a little bit about myself. I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand followed by Master Degree in Digital Signal Processing from Cornell University. Started working in AT&T, then in NCR. After about 5 years, I moved to Lucent Technologies for about two years before joining a small company, Redback Network. Presently I am working full time with a telecom/IT system integrator company called Thai Transmission Industry.

April 1st, 2006

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