Technology Podcasts

November 3, 2006

These are technology podcasts I listen to regularly:

Security Now
Steve Gibson is really one of my favorites. He thoroughly understands the stuff and make it easy for you to follow.
Fun to listen to their conversations. Leo Laporte is also a good host.
Inside the Net
Update on what’s going on in the Web 2.0 sites. Will be changed to net@night
Digg podcasts.
News, updates and reviews on new gadgets

These are the technolgy podcasts I picked up from the internet and to be checked out when I have time

The Web 2.0 Show
Lugradio(Linux podcast)
CNET’s Buzz Out Loud(Molly Wood)
Wizard of Technology
Geek News Central
The World Technology Podcast
Technically Tech Podcast
Binary Revolution Video


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